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The Moutain Express by John Fisher - Children's Motivational Book

The Mountain Express

Click to see a larger imageThe "Mountain Express" is a children’s motivational novel. It tells the story of "Junior" a young shunting engine that goes to work at "Destiny Junction".

"Destiny Junction" is the heart of the railway system. There "Junior" meets "Huff and Puff". These are two older shunting engines who have been working for many years. They are not enthusiastic about their work. They try to hold "Junior" back and give him no encouragement. All they do is criticise him for being young, keen, and enthusiastic.

This confuses "Junior" as he thinks that everyone should be enthusiastic.

He then meets "Crusader" who is an express. "Crusader" explains that in order to get on in life, you need to set goals, and have a positive outlook.

"Junior" makes a big mistake when he works on the "Branch Line" but realises his mistake and then starts to work with his mentor "Crusader". Together they pull the "Mountain Express", and get to the top of their mountain.

This story was inspired by a quotation from Sir Edmund Hilary, who has given his permission for it to be used.

A foreword is written by Pen Hadow, an internationally acclaimed Polar Explorer.

Primarily a children’s motivational novel, this story also has a profound message for adults, and for those who aspire to inspire and encourage young people everywhere.

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John Fisher - Motivational Speaker

The Mountain Express by John Fisher
Illustrated by Joanne Thomas
(Paperback - 26 pages)

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